6 Essential Hacks for Successfully Managing Remote Freelancers

Starting a new business with limited funds can be a daunting task. As a startup founder, utilizing remote freelancers can be a cost-effective way to build your business from the ground up. However, managing these freelancers effectively can be a challenging endeavor. In this article, we will delve into six invaluable hacks that can help you succeed in working with remote freelancers, ensuring that your projects are completed efficiently and to your satisfaction.

1. Begin with a Small Project

When initiating collaboration with a new freelancer, it is crucial to start with the smallest possible project, even if your ultimate goal is a more extensive undertaking. By commencing with a smaller portion of the project, you can assess the freelancer’s capabilities, including their communication skills and work discipline. This approach allows you to gauge their suitability for the larger project, mitigating the risk of committing to a significant task prematurely. Starting small ensures a smoother transition if a change of freelancer is required and minimizes the potential for restarting the project from scratch.

2. Test with Two Freelancers Initially

To find the most suitable freelancer for your project, consider hiring two freelancers for the same job initially. While this may involve additional costs, it provides a tangible way to compare their work quality and efficiency. Following completion, you can select the freelancer whose output aligns best with your requirements and expectations. Considering the variability in the quality of available freelancers, this approach allows you to choose the most competent professional for the job at hand.

3. Cultivate Strong Relationships

Finding reliable freelancers can be a challenging task. Once you have identified a freelancer with whom you enjoy working, it is essential to foster a positive and professional relationship with them. Investing in this relationship can lead to a more productive and mutually beneficial partnership. Taking care of your freelancers ensures continued commitment and a high level of dedication to your projects.

4. Emphasize Precise Communication

Clear and precise communication is crucial when collaborating with remote freelancers. Written communication plays a significant role in ensuring that your expectations are effectively conveyed. Ambiguity can lead to misunderstandings and deviations from the intended project goals. Provide explicit and detailed instructions, leaving no room for assumptions or misinterpretations. Avoid using ambiguous terms or jargon that may not be universally understood. This approach facilitates a smoother workflow and reduces the likelihood of costly errors or revisions.

5. Regular Check-Ins for Effective Management

Managing remote projects necessitates consistent and regular check-ins with your freelancers. Regular communication not only ensures that the project remains on track but also helps in resolving any potential issues before they escalate. Frequent check-ins also serve to maintain the motivation and enthusiasm of the freelancer, contributing to a positive working relationship. Utilize messaging platforms for efficient communication, facilitating quick updates and clarifications as needed.

6. Consider Hourly Payments

While the payment structure is a matter of preference, opting to pay freelancers by the hour can offer significant advantages. This payment method provides flexibility, allowing for adjustments to the project scope or requirements as needed. It also reflects a sense of trust and transparency, demonstrating your willingness to compensate for the actual time and effort invested. Additionally, many freelancers prefer hourly compensation, making it a mutually beneficial arrangement that fosters long-term collaborations.


Successfully managing remote freelancers can significantly contribute to the growth and success of your startup. By implementing these six practical hacks, you can streamline your collaboration processes, minimize risks, and maximize productivity. Remember that effective communication, careful project management, and nurturing positive relationships are the key factors that will ensure fruitful and enduring partnerships with your remote freelancers.

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