Wow!!! The Wall Is Here To Stand For BFC

It just doesn’t get bigger, better and more pleasing than this. Rahul Dravid has been appointed as the ambassador of Bengaluru FC. The news in itself is enough to go crazy and for the goosebumps experience just watch this video below.

A fan favourite, sporting icon, an example to youngsters and of course he is our very own. Well done BFC you have pulled off something really big and it is definitely a morale booster for the players and fans as well.

Bengaluru fans now have more reasons to support and I am not sure how many fans would now switch to BFC.

Even a rival club couldn’t help but admire the man, that sums up what he is. Check out what Kerala blasters had to say:

Here’s how people reacted to this amazing news:

People just cannot have enough of this genius….. Come on BFC, we have the backing of the great ‘wall’.


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