Nitish Kumar Pushes For 50% Reservation In Private Sector

Photo: NDTV

Bihar Chief Minister Nitish Kumar amended a law that makes it compulsory for any company entering a contract with his government to reserve half of the jobs as part of the deal for backward castes.

“If you’re using government money and giving employment, then you have to follow the Reservation Act of the state,” the Chief Minister said today. “Although I am opposed to outsourcing, and the department should hire directly, we have made rules that if we are employing someone through outsourcing, then reservation policies should be followed.”

The cabinet advised the government departments looking to outsource the work to a private company to follow the 50 percent reservation policy.

However, CM cleared that the reservation policy would apply only if people are being recruited for the government departments – so a contract for IT services would be exempted, for instance.

But if the workforce is being directly used by the government department, the new rule gets activated – Like if contract workers are hired. Nitish Kumar gave the example of the Bihar police, which formed a special auxiliary force of retired soldiers in 2006, reservation policies were followed.

Meanwhile, the private sector criticized the move and some senior BJP leaders claimed that such decision would limit job opportunities for upper caste workers.

Nitish Kumar said that it was very important for the centre to start a debate on introducing 50 percent reservation in the private sector.

The backing of backward castes is essential for the chief minister, who came out of the alliance government in July.


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