Mufti Trailer Review: Mass Redifned

The much anticipated trailer of ‘Mufti’ movie is out and lives up to its hype. The movie starring Shiva RajKumar and Sri Murali has been the talk of the town ever since the project was announced.

Coming to the trailer, it’s pure mass all the way with a class touch. Don’t be fooled and think it’s an English movie after seeing the initial shots, it’s our very own Kannada movie. Ravi Basrur’s BGM and Naveen’s camera work have taken the movie to another level.

The trailer highlights the two leading men with a blink and you miss appearance of Shanvi and Chaya Singh, and a cameo appearance of Vashista Simha, another talented actor of Sandalwood who is making rapid progress.

The casting is a treat to fans with both the actors having already proved their potential in such movies (Shiva Rajkumar in ‘Om’ and Sri Murali in ‘Ugramm’). They have once again nailed it with their attitude and thankfully they don’t try to overplay it.

The trailer is sharply cut and doesn’t give out too much and interestingly there is no shot of the leading men together,  just to increase the curiosity.

Shiva RajKumar looks menacing in his refreshingly new get up and plays it with ease, why wouldn’t he, after all he is the man who defined mass through ‘Om’, the movie which can easily compete with new releases even today when re-released.

On the other hand, Sri Murali who re-invented himself through ‘Ugramm’ has stuck to his strength. The best thing about him is that he has not tried to deviate after ‘Ugramm’ just for the heck of it and has continued to play similar roles in ‘Rathavara’ and now ‘Mufti’.

It is an ideal launch pad for director Narthan, who is making is debut, and going by the trailer, he has surely made the most out of it. The previous two teasers were also excellent. The movie will surely set the standards technically, irrespective of the movie’s results.

Watch the trailer below:

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