Man Imprisoned For Life Turns Into A Role Model

Yes, you read that right. G Yellapa (35) ended up in jail with a life sentence when he was 23 and anybody in his place would have given up on life, but not this man.

Yellapa, a class 7 dropout, decided not to let his life go in vain and made up his mind to study. His determination and belief has earned him a bachelor’s degree in arts and he also has a postgraduate degree in journalism and public administration, all through distance learning.

Bangalore University has requested the Parapanna Agrahara Central Prison to allow him to join a panel on AIR Bengaluru (Bengaluru Akashvani) to motivate and inspire others.

BU sought permission from concerned authorities to make arrangements to take Yellapa to Bengaluru Akashvani for an interview.

Photos: Bangalore Mirror

He landed in jail after a fight over a Cricket game resulted in the death of a person in 2004. Today, he wants to inspire others to be educated, he has been supported by other inmates as well, to achieve his mission.

He is also planning to write a book based on his experiences, which includes the role of officials in the reformation of prisoners, public administration in prisons, and stories from prisons across the state.

BU decided to showcase Yellappa as a case study for their programme.

“BU has been creating a lot of awareness. To encourage and influence crores of young minds… we request that you permit an inmate of your prison, Yellappa, to showcase benefits of higher education…,” Prof BC Mylarappa, director, distance education directorate, said in his letter to the prison authorities, requesting them to make arrangements for Yellappa’s interview at the radio station in city.

A prison source said: “Such requests are rare. If the department brass allows it, it will be a first such feat. Though the manual bars any interviews, this is a special case and the chief superintendent may allow it because it will encourage other lifers to take the path of reformation.”


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